Coming of age in the 90’s, there was no language or representation for my experience of gender. I knew I wasn’t experiencing the same things as my peers but being trans was not an option.

Realizing my transness was startling, but such a relief because now I have language and can connect with others with my experience! Building community has been a healing and beautiful addition to my development of self-love and acceptance.

Medical intervention isn’t for everyone, but for me it’s the next step of my self-love and gender journey. I’ve been on T for two years and am ready to further affirm my gender surgically! It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s just a couple of months away!

Am I nervous for surgery? Yes. As a massage therapist, I know the anatomy of the body which definitely helps guide me in how to prep my muscles for the trauma of surgery, but it also over informs me about the trauma of surgery!

Overall, I know I’ll celebrate feeling so much better and more myself when it’s all over. For now, I’m strengthening, stretching, and choosing to remain positive and focus on the joy.

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