The food we put into our bodies should be simple — but the society in which we live seems to have a lot to say about it. That can get confusing, intimidating, and absolutely exhausting.

At Prideful Wellness, we advocate for a gentle, intuitive approach to nourishing your body and self through food.

We partner with nutrition professionals who are understanding, educated, and approach this topic without judgement or moral filters

Customized Nutrition for Every Body

No two bodies are exactly alike, and no two bodies fit the same mold when it comes to proper nutrition for an optimal lifestyle. When you invest in nutritional services at Prideful Wellness, you can trust that our partners are dedicated to your individual health journey, and that cookie-cutter plans are not part of our business model.

Knowledgeable, Gentle Nutrition Guidance

Our LGBTQ nutrition partners are well-versed in the sometimes unique nutritional needs of our community members, and are dedicated to providing healthful guidance in a way that is specific, educated, and encouraging.

A Welcoming Path Toward Health

Whether you are choosing a membership at Prideful Wellness or investing solely in nutritional services here at our self care center, we would like to assure you that your individual best interests will always be our top priority. From general health guidance to disordered eating, our partners are here to help. We want to guide you to a healthy, sustainable relationship with food.


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