Prideful Wellness is a self care center providing services in a microcosm of safety, inclusion, and personal empowerment allowing each individual to go forth with a sense of support, community, and PRIDE.


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In addition to providing relaxation, massage and bodywork are powerful tools in the practice of self-care. Benefits can include anxiety relief, circulation improvement, a marked reduction in muscle tension, and injury prevention. Our licensed massage therapists are extensively trained in several techniques and modalities to provide a truly customized experience.


Reiki restores the body’s natural energy flow, calms the nervous system, and gives clients a sense of peace and control over their health.

Mental Health

Prideful Wellness is a holistic self-care collective, which means we focus on the whole person — body and mind. As a member, you will have access to high-quality mental health services with credentialed and partnered providers.


Never underestimate the power of simply having someone on your side! Our Wellness Coaches offer a safe and accessible way to explore and navigate the space between where you are and where you want to be through a lens of self- compassion and empowerment.

Awareness Consulting

Education/Awareness Offerings for Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals. Want to understand how your business environment is received by POC, LGBTQAI+ folx, and People in Larger Bodies? Contact Us!


Experience the full spectrum of Prideful Wellness’ services by purchasing a monthly membership to our self-care collective.

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Self-Love is an Act of Revolution

Trans Stories: KJ’s Journey One of the biggest post-surgery shifts I notice is with my thought habits regarding my chest and my body in general. We have all received messaging around “beauty” standards through media, tv, socials, our friends, and our families. These...

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A Binding Agreement

I remember the first time I wore a chest binder. To look at it on its own it looked and felt like a very tight crop top to me, but when I put a t-shirt on over it and felt the shirt just slide down the front of me without me having to help it over my chest… wow. I...

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Reiki at Prideful Wellness Self Care Center

Reiki and Pain Relief by Riley Bartlett (they/them), Reiki Practitioner at Prideful Wellness When I started practicing reiki, I knew that it might help me relax and release emotions, but I did not know it would relieve my pain. As well as being a reiki practitioner, I...

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KJ is a kind, compassionate, and talented massage therapist. Prideful Wellness has a very inviting, clean, and relaxing environment. During this time of Covid, KJ takes every precaution to ensure a clean and safe experience.

Shauna Polson Avatar Shauna Polson
August 30, 2020

Affordable and affirming! I often feel uncomfortable meeting a new massage therapist for the first time, but KJ put me right at ease. I’ve had a lot of massages in my life (used to work at a day spa), and KJ’s are by far the BEST. Great knowledge of anatomy, musculature, and technique. You can tell KJ really cares about working with you to meet your wellness goals. Thanks for helping my creaky body run smoothly again!

Kyl Caragol Avatar Kyl Caragol
January 5, 2020

For my purpose of sports massage as a complementary maintenance to sports and gym routines I feel well cared for. I’m sure if you have other needs you would be equally in good hands.

Aaron Dean Avatar Aaron Dean
July 23, 2021


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