Queer & Nerdy Game Night

Queer & Nerdy Game Night is a fun way for LGBTQQA+ adults to make new friends and nerd out on some games! We enjoy cooperative to semi-cooperative board games like, Betrayal at House on the Hill and Mysterium, as well as silly and competitive games such as, Exploding Kittens and Unstable Unicorns, or simple games with dice and playing cards. Whatever we play, the goal is to have fun and make new friends within our community.

Freeing your Inner Artist

Join us for themed art night! All skill levels are welcomed as we explore a variety of mediums guided and facilitated by life long artists and crafters! These small group (8-10) monthly art explorations are hosted at Prideful Wellness Self Care Center in Longmont and typically last about 2 hours. Whether you want to explore something new or enhance what you already know, the goal is to connect with and awaken your inner creative. Come solo or with friends (also makes a fun date night;)! Either way, you can expect to have a great time, connect, reflect and have fun!

Prideful Wellness

This group offers various LGBTQ centered workshops, classes, groups, and activities designed to enrich lives and empower the participants. We explore topics such as, crystal healing, tarot, equinox rituals, mentorship, manifestation, hiking, and so much more!


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