Class Descriptions

Tai Chi

This is a 12 week relaxation and meditation based program built on community, education and above all else fun. You will learn and begin to perfect the basic flow of Tai Chi. This class is great to increase balance and focus as well as build patience and reduce daily stress. Find balance and recenter yourself in a calm and forgiving atmosphere.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a one hour guided meditation exercise that is defined as “conscious sleep” or “sleep with a trace of awareness.” The practice allows you to stay in this sleep-like state for an extended period of time, allowing your body to rest and heal. This class is great to do before going to bed, but may also be done anytime for deep relaxation. Dress warm & bring your yoga mat and a pillow.

Yoga For Recovery

Yoga for Recovery is for people recovering from addiction, trauma, codependency, food, and basically anything. So, all are welcome!!! In this hour and a half trauma informed specialty yoga class we combine recovery with a restorative yoga flow to synchronize healing in the mind, body and soul. Each session with a group check-in focusing on topics around trauma and reclaiming your body. Followed by a one hour vinyasa flow.

Gentle Yoga

This is a one hour slow, meditative, full-body yoga practice for all experience levels

Meet the Instructors


For the past 40 years Jaqui (She/Her) has focused her practice on nurturing, and educating: teaching stress management techniques, and gentle fitness, also using massage, reflexology, reiki, tai chi and holistic nutrition education. Jaqui has been sharing the tai chi and qui gong healing practices with the community since 2006.


Kayla Fields (She/Her) has been a holistic health practitioner, healing facilitator, and teacher since 2011. She has a passion for helping people grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Cam Murphy (They/Them) is no stranger to the path of recovery and a person who loves yoga in all forms. They have been practicing yoga for over a decade.


Michal Duffy (They/Them) is a mountain queer who thrives in the balance of nature, breath, and movement. They have found deep healing and vitality through the practice of yoga and seeks to create a welcoming, accessible and soulful experience for students to explore their bodies, spirit, movement, and stillness.


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