The Safer Space Initiative

The Safer Space Initiative asks that we:

Normalize asking for and giving our pronouns.
Challenge the constructs from which our thoughts & judgements come from.
Listen to, support, and believe the experiences of those outside of our own identities.

We aim to cultivate a safer, accepting, and welcoming environment by bridging the awareness gap between LGBTQ communities and our allies. When questioning our own thoughts and perspectives about those who are different than us, we start to challenge the status quo and empower ourselves as business leaders and individuals to be more inclusive. The Safer Space Initiative asks us to actively listen, support, and believe those outside ourselves. It starts with you, it starts with me, it starts with an open mind and a conversation. When we collaborate with our friends, families, and colleagues about what inclusivity and active allyship means and looks like, together we take an important step in uniting our communities.

Tools & Things to consider

Basic Pronoun Use

This list is no where near exhaustive and there are many other pronouns folx use, but this should get you started

Subjective Objective Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun ReflexivePronunciation
SheHerHerHersHerselfPronounced as it looks
HeHimHisHisHimselfPronounced as it looks
ZeZimZirZirsZirselfPronounced as it looks
Sie/ZieHir Hir HirsHirselfPronounced: zee, here, here, heres, hereself
ZieZirZirZirsZirselfPronounced: zee, zere, zere, zeres, zereself
Ey EmEirEirsEirselfPronounced: A, M, ear, ears, earself
PerPerPersPersPersselfPronounced as it looks
TheyThemTheir TheirsThemselfPronounced as it looks

This list is no where near exhaustive and there are many other pronouns folx use, but this should get you started

Pronoun sharing will help create a safer, more comfortable world for our transgender and non-binary siblings. Normalising their use enables everyone to share, be seen and affirmed.

Add your pronouns to your socials, bios, username handles and when you’re introducing yoursel
If you accidentally use the wrong pronouns, don’t stress you’re doing your best. Simply correct yourself and move on.
When in doubt, they/them it out. If unsure of someone’s pronouns use they/them or their name.

What It Means To Be An Ally And Further Your Allyship

Someone who supports and accepts LGBTQ people, and advocates for equal rights and fair treatment.

A person who confronts challenges that LGBTQ people experience, and believes the problems we face in society:

Heterosexism — The assumption that everyone is or should be straight.

Heterosexual & Cisgender Privilege — The everyday privileges and representation that cis-het people have in society. For example, the ability to display attraction or affection (e.g., holding hands) in public without fear of judgment or violence.

Transprejudice — Harmful, preconceived ideas about transgender people.

Violence & Discrimination In—Parenting, Employment, Housing, Bathroom/Public Accommodations, Healthcare, Criminal Punishment, Social Acceptance and Conversion Therapy.

Stay Informed

Educate yourself first. Ask consensual questions, do your research, and don’t be afraid to be honest about what you don’t know. Visit our website and social media for more tools and resources.

Speak Up

Words can be damaging and being silent is just as detrimental. When you speak up, it educates others and it lets them know their words are not acceptable. It also gives others the courage to speak up as well. Understandably, it can be awkward. People don’t know what to say and don’t want to make the situation worse; however, you can start to be the change in your community and for the future. It takes a village after all.

Be Open & Curious

People often assume they will offend others or make them uncomfortable if they mention LGBTQ topics. It might but staying open with your words, your heart, your mind and your actions will spread awareness and acceptance towards LGBTQ folx. Disagreements are normal but always strive for understanding & respect towards others.

Support Equality

Support policies at school, work, and other places that help protect LGBTQ communities from discrimination. Even if the issues seem small or don’t directly affect you, they can have a big impact on LGBTQ lives. If you see or hear of an unfair rule, law, or policy; talk to your community and peers about your concerns and what you can do to make a change. One persons support and outreach can have a domino effect.

Come Out As An Ally

Anyone can be an ally, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Please join The Safer Space Initiative Facebook group to support LGBTQ businesses and efforts. Start locally, think globally.


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