Do I have to take ALL my clothes off?

No. You may undress to whatever level makes you comfortable. Just know that during a professional massage or bodywork session, only the area being worked is exposed while the rest of your body is securely draped to maintain your sense of safety and modesty. Contact with a professional, and licensed massage therapist is always non-sexual.


They happen. It’s okay.

Body Hair:

Some have it, some donโ€™t! We donโ€™t do judgement or gender norms here. My attention as a massage therapist is focused much deeper than the surface of your skin, so the amount of body hair or lack thereof is irrelevant to me!

Why do you suggest drinking a lot of water after massage & bodywork?

When you receive massage or bodywork, your muscles release the toxins (stress hormones & acids naturally produced during times of stress and activity) that were held within them into the interstitial space and into the fluid of your body. It’s important to hydrate yourself in order to flush (pee) out those toxins so they are not reabsorbed into your muscles.

Do you need my “help” while I’m receiving a massage?

No. Your job is to lie there, breathe, relax, and enjoy. I’m trained to move your body parts around as need be, but if I do need you to lift a leg, your head, or anything else, I’ll ask ๐Ÿ™‚


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