At Prideful Wellness, bodywork is considered a highly-effective, highly-necessary part of self care. It’s becoming more and more common for general healthcare providers to recommend massage and bodywork for pain relief and injury prevention.

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Adding bodywork to your wellness plan can improve outcomes and prevent conditions before they develop by:

Reducing anxiety
Reducing tension within muscles
Increasing a sense of safety in your body
Increasing body awareness
Reducing or eliminating joint and muscle pain
Improving joint mobility
Improving circulation
Improving immune system functioning
Increasing lymphatic drainage

A Therapeutic Advantage

While bodywork is a powerful tool of prevention, it can also be a highly-effective aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic stages of conditions, such as:

Generalized anxiety
Back, leg, and neck pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain)
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Fractures and edema
Gastrointestinal disorders
Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and bursitis
Kyphosis and scoliosis
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Muscle tension and spasm
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Sports injuries
Strains and sprains
Stress and stress related conditions

A Spectrum of Self Care

Our founder, KJ, is a licensed LMT who specializes in areas of focus such as chronic neck and shoulder tension, headaches, hip/back pain and alignment, joint pain, and sports techniques, they (along with all of our practitioners) offer a variety of integrative massage, including:

Deep tissue

Sports therapies



Swedish massage

Structural integration

Trigger Point Therapy
Neuromuscular therapy
Myofascial massage
Lymph massage
Facilitated Release
Auth Method
Cryo & Thermo Therapies

A Philosophy of Touch

Muscle memory is very real. A regular routine of thoughtful, skilled bodywork is able to give your muscles experiences to pull from in times of stress. Essentially, massage reminds them that it’s okay to relax!

In most cases, when muscles are tight, they’re not able to function as they should. Tight muscles restrict blood flow, hindering your body’s natural ability to supply new and fresh oxygenated blood to your muscles, trapping acids and hormones produced in times of stress and activity.

The act of touch is also an act of communication — the connection between practitioner and client allows your body to communicate its needs, tensions, and triggers. This is why a safe, welcoming, confidential environment is so essential to our mission: no matter what may surface, we are here to hold space for you.


We are here to say, “We see you, and you deserve to be here. It’s okay to let go.”


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