Mental Health

Wellness doesn’t stop at muscles and nutrition — taking deliberate, active care of your mental health is just as important as fueling and healing your body.

At Prideful Wellness Self Care Center, we partner with licensed therapists to create a safe space in which members of our community can explore the impacts of minority stress and work toward a joyful sense of personal identity. Our goal is to empower individuals to trust themselves, own their power, and lean into the strengths offered by each aspect of their identity — without apologies!

Mental Health Services for the LGBTQ Community

Our professional mental health services are meant to leave you feeling affirmed, seen, heard, and validated.

Our therapists will help you navigate the landscape of relational/sexual orientation, sex, gender intersects in identity, relationships, safety, and — if applicable — will work on healing trauma associated with being a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

We know the potential impact that mental health services can have on our community, and work with families and individuals from a place of understanding. We are dedicated to making these services safe, accessible, and available.

Practitioners Who Understand

We know that many members of our community struggle tremendously to find mental health practitioners who understand their unique circumstances.

Our affirming practitioners have extensive knowledge in the understanding that sex, gender, sexuality, and identity can intersect. They include people of color and members of our LGBTQ community who come from a variety of backgrounds — many of whom have lived similar experiences to the individuals who walk through our doors. Through their wide range of specialties and experiences, Prideful Wellness Self Care Center is able to provide a safe, welcoming, and honoring space to begin your healing journey.

Everyone Deserves High-Quality Mental Health Care

Our Mental Health services are offered as part of our membership or as an individual package or service in order to meet the needs of our varying clientele. Everyone deserves access to mental health services in an environment of safety and comfort, which is what we have worked to build here at Prideful Wellness Self Care Center.


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